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2018 Litters*
*Changes may be made to litters depending on mother nature, heat cycle changes and stud availability.

Please NOTE:  Our breeding plan for 2017 is complete.  Please contact us to keep up to date on any special circumstances and future litters.

Wickersham Farm Annabelle [Nova] (ALAA #039564)
     x Avonlee's Orion (ALAA #029542)

This litter will be drop dead gorgeous! Nova has long legs and eyelashes that will knock your socks off. This girl is a show stopper in looks and knows it. She lives in the city and is very social. Nova is an exceptional mom to her babies and we are pairing her with Orion. We had a litter with Orion and another of our females this past summer and could not have been more pleased with their disposition and their gorgeous fleece coats. Orion is known for giving his puppies beautiful shiny fleece coats with good conformation. Puppies will be chocolate, cream and possibly parti . They will mature to be large medium and standard in size (40+lbs).

Reservation List Opens: SORRY - This litter is fully booked!
Puppies Born (est.): Early December
Puppies Go Home: Early February [2018]

Litter ID: ABWTR2018

WF Annabelle             Avonlee's Orion

Wickersham Farm's Lilo (ALAA #048909)
     x Heartland's Hero (AALA #056598)

If you are looking for that special soulful puppy this is a great litter for you. Lilo is a complete love. She is intelligent, playful and gentle all wrapped in one. One look from this girl and it will melt your heart instantly. Lilo is the sister to Rowie and carries for the parti gene as well so this litter may have some unique markings. Puppies will be shades of chocolate with some white mismarks. They will have fleece coats and be around 40-50lbs. at maturity.

Reservation List Opens: SORRY - This litter is fully booked!
Honeymoon: January 2018
Puppies Born (est.): March 2018
Puppies Go Home: May 2018

Litter ID: LLSPG2018

WF Lilo             Heartland's Hero

Berkshire Hills Sully (ALAA #041429)
     x TBD

This will be Sully's retirement litter. We will be pairing her with a smaller stud to produce some gorgeous fleece coat puppies in apricots, caramels and reds. Puppies will mature to be between 30-40lbs. You can check out our Wickersham Farm Facebook page to see pictures of Sully's puppies out of her last two litters. Sully is wicked smart and tends to pass this on to her puppies. They are extremely social and well adjusted. Sully thinks she is human and is very good about communicating with her people. She is a groomers dream with her beautiful coat and great confirmation. This is definitely going to be an exciting litter to with which to start our year.

Reservation List Opens: SORRY - This litter is fully booked!
Puppies Born (est.): Mid March
Puppies Go Home: Mid May

Litter ID: SLSPG2018

Berkshire Hills Sully            

Wickersham Farm's Itty-Bit (Lulu) (ALAA #053102)
     x Heartland's Hero (AALA #056598)

If you are looking for a great family dog then this is your litter! Lulu is an exceptional family dog and gets along with everyone. She participates in family outings and is such a well adjusted doodle. She loves her people and being with them. Pairing her with Hero will give us a litter with amazing temperament for children and adults of all ages. Lulu carries the parti gene so we will have some chocolate puppies with white markings in this litter. Puppies will mature between 40-50lbs. and have really nice fleece coats and blocky heads.

Reservation List Opens: April 2, 2018
Puppies Born (est.): Late April
Puppies Go Home: Late June

Litter ID: IBSUM2018

WF Itty Bit             Heartland's Hero

Wickersham Farm's Isabella (ALAA #051687)
     x Heartland's Hero (AALA #056598)

This will be Izzy's first litter for us. Izzy is a very playful girl that likes to clown around. She is very athletic and likes to spend time with her family. Izzy is a daughter of our Ruger so we expect great personalities on these puppies. Hero is our new stud and the pairing of these two will blend nicely. Puppies will be in all shades of chocolate and be small standard in size (42+lbs.).

Reservation List Opens: May 1, 2018
Puppies Born (est.): Late May
Puppies Go Home: Late July

Litter ID: ISSUM2018

WF Itty Bit             Heartland's Hero

Wickersham Farm Rowie (ALAA #048910)
     x TBD

Calling all two-tones doodle lovers!!! Rowie is a happy go lucky girl that carries for parti. We plan to breed to her another parti doodle so that the litter is like a box of chocolates! You never know what you are going to get but it is bound to take your breath away. We cannot wait to see what this precious girl brings to our program. This litter will be medium in size (35-45lbs.) and have fleece coats.

Reservation List Opens: June 1, 2018
Puppies Born (est.): Mid June
Puppies Go Home: Mid August

Litter ID: RWSUM2018

WF Rowan            

Wickersham Farm's China [Fika] (ALAA #049131)
     x Wickersham Farm's Naughty [Oakley] (AALA #044481)

Fika is our little pumpkin! She is a stunning carrot color and has a gorgeous coat. Fika is the daughter of our Sully and our Ruger so you can only imagine what this combination means. We are pairing her with our Oakley to bring in some of our old lines. Oakley is out of our retired girl Aslan who gave us some exceptional puppies suitable for therapy work. This litter should be nothing short of amazing in disposition. This is Fika's first litter and we are very excited. Puppies will mature between 30-45lbs. and have nice apricot, cream and chocolate coats.

Reservation List Opens: June 1, 2018
Puppies Born (est.): Late June
Puppies Go Home: Late August

Litter ID: CHFLL2018

WF China             Heartland's Hero

All of our puppies are raised here on the farm with good old-fashioned love and care.  We have children, horses, goats, chickens, cats, chickens and a bunny so they are very well socialized.  Puppies will not be permitted to go home with their new families until they are 8 weeks old.

All puppies include:
Checked OK Veterinary check with clean bill of health
Checked OK Two year health guarantee (see contract)
Checked OK Medical records including worming and vaccinations
Checked OK Microchipped
Checked OK Lifetime support from Wickersham Farm
We start puppies on crate training before you bring them home in order to make the transition a bit easier on them and on you.  If you are interested in waiting a bit longer and having your puppy either obedience trained or trained for hunting purposes, please contact us directly with this request.

We strongly recommend that you pick up your puppy in person but will (at your request) deliver your puppy to you (additional charges will apply).   Picking up the puppy in person allows for the puppy to first be introduced to you in a familiar setting, helping to alleviate some of the anxiety of going to a new home.   It also allows for you to meet our family and better relate to your puppy and how it was raised. You will be able to ask questions and feel confident that you have the right puppy for your environment.   If you or a member of your household has allergies or asthma we strongly urge you to come and interact with our puppies and dogs in person. This way you can be assured that our dogs do not trigger any adverse reactions.   Keep in mind that we are not a big breeder and these puppies are our babies so we always make choices for what is in their best interest.

Pricing for our Australian Labradoodle puppies is $3,000 (includes PA sales tax). Please submit your  reservation inquiry and we will review and contact you within 48 hours. If approved, a $500 deposit is required to hold your place for the planned litter. The remaining balance of $2,500 is due when the pups are 4 weeks of age. Wickersham Farm reserves the right to hold back select puppies from each litter for their breeding program PRIOR to puppy allocations being made. We do our best to match our puppies to your preferences. If our litter does not have what you want, your deposit may be rolled over to the next litter. We absolutely want you to be happy with your new family member.

If you are a service/therapy organization looking to purchase one of our dogs, please contact us directly as we fully support the use of our dogs in the service/therapy industry. We will personally work with you to ensure you get the right dog.

IALA Silver Paw

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